Monday, January 30, 2012

Standing room only.

This summer, which I have affectionaly named The Summer Of Glam Youth 1960, I have grown a liking to collecting statement necklaces. And with this credit card hurting hobby I have gained, it means I have lost storage space. And so I decided rather than just throwing them into my necklace box hidden in my draw, I would find a more creative way to display some of my favorite pieces. And this is the result.

The frame itself I originally picked up from the salvos for the set of my monologue performance exam, and it was originally made up of two different tones of brown wood, it was a nice frame, but I hate the colour brown. HATE IT. So I removed the glass and wooden back from the frame and sprayed it with a quick couple of coats of my brothers white spray paint and that problem was solved!

Secondly, I purchased some plain silver wire from my local craft shop, measured the width of the frame and nailed it to the back of the frame using two flat tack pins, making sure to wrap the ends of the wire around the pin ends.

And viola! A jewelry stand fit for a museum! I like the sleek look of the whole frame combination I must say, so happy with the way it turned out!

goodbye now!

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