Thursday, January 19, 2012

On the road.

Picture: Headband: Lunatic @ Lady Petrova. | Dress: Princess Highway. | shoes: Sportsgirl. | Bike: Electra

Heading to Sydney tomorrow morning with my friend Kate for 24 hours to see the Harry Potter exhibition and Sydney in general! I haven't been to sydney before, I mean I have been in the airport and never out of the airport, so I am super pumped! Stressing on what to pack as I always dress for my mood, and I never know my mood until I wake up!

The above picture is me on my bike. I got the bike for my birthday, I was meant to get it in september but ended up getting it in december due to the fact I knew I wanted an orange one and couldn't find one anywhere. After searching multiple times and almost giving up on an orange one, I found one in a store we stopped by for a second time by chance. Love it.

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