Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ruby Jeweled Slippers.

Another recent DIY project. After finding similar beautiful Jewell encrusted pairs of heels online for outrageous prices, I decided to turn to my trusty glue gun, my local craft shop and the forever 21 website for some affordable help.
I started the project in the middle of the year and finished one shoe, however I then ran out of jewels and then got caught up with school work so I only recently finished the second.

I must say, I am very happy with the outcome, however, I worry about how many of the jewels will fall off when I do wear them out. Nothing the glue gun can't fix I guess!

In other news, I was accepted into RMIT Tafe to do Public Relations this year! I am happy, but still hoping I may be lucky and nab a second round offer to the RMIT Uni public relations corse. Fingers crossed!

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