Monday, May 28, 2012

Under The Sea.

Today my Topshop package finally arrived in the mail! Much excitement was had! 

I thought I would share with you my purchases!

Fish tank print by Tea & Cake.

I instantly fell in love with this top when I saw it. I am so into photographic prints at the moment and I loved the colours, so I had to have it.

Love heart crop tee.

I posted about this a few weeks back. After finding I was still lusting over it, into the cart it went.

Flamingo Collar.

It's big. It's gold. It's pink. And it features flamingos, enough said. 

Aqua envelope coin purse.

The holographic finish and aqua colour put together reminded me of the 90's. It is also a futuristic version of a 'turquoise envelope.' HA HA HEE HA. 

Gold glitter stick.

Look, again, 90's nostalgia was the victim for this.

All up it was a pretty successful order. In love with everything. One of those times when you get new clothing items and you love them so much that it feels as if the only things that exist in your wardrobe are those new items. 

Also, how adorable is the tag that came on the fish tank print by Tee & Cake?! It has a recipe for a butter cake on it! so cute! 

you guys purchased anything good lately??

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sex Cocktails in the city

So last night I headed into the city with my pals Jc and Bees for a night of girly cocktails and chit chat.
We hit up regular favorite Tony Starr's Kitten Club and Gin Palace, both located on Little Collins street.

I always find that when a group of 3 or 4 girls get together, conversation always leads to which Sex & The City girl each one is.

No matter what group I am in, I am always the Charlotte. Not by choice, but I guess that is just who I am. Always.
Then there is always the clear Samantha girl, and then the last two girls are left fighting over Carrie, not wanting to be Miranda. Poor Miranda. 

Anyway, although it may seem like I am a bit of a Charlotte, I like to think I dress like a Carrie. 
Which was the case last night as I got to break out my new ASOS faux fur coat that I got on sale and incidentally purchased because it reminded me of the fur coat Carrie always wore in the earlier seasons of the show.

I am wearing...
Dress: Asos | Coat: Asos | Tights: supermarket | Shoes: black glitter Litas, Jeffrey Campbell | Necklaces: Asos | Lipstick: Mac (can't remember the name of it, too lazy to check.) 

Writing all that down I find it slightly embarrassing, not in a bad way, that so much of my outfit is from Asos. 
Obviously I am addicted and need to attend AA meetings, Asos-aholics Anonymous. Ha. 

I went pretty simple as it was a cold and rainy Melbourne night, but I glamed it up with the necklaces, the coat and Litas. 

I also had the most delicious cocktail at Tony Starr's Kittens Club. 
It was called "Just Desserts" and it tasted exactly like lemon cheesecake - a favorite of mine! 

Lastly I will leave you with a close up of the necklaces - I just feel my attempt at a selfie does not do them justice! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Prima Ballerina.

I am so sorry for the lack of posts the last week. It was end of semester and I had so many assignments due it was ridiculous.

However, my Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell ballerina platforms came in the mail today!

They are amazing, very very tall and made of silk, which to be honest worries me about keeping them clean.

Anyway, I am on holidays now, so expect lots of posts lovelies!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cross My Heart.

So I posted awhile back about buying a packet of bronze crosses at the Camberwell market and wanting to do a couple of DIY's with them.

Well, I finally got my act together a week or so ago and I ended up doing it to a sheer black shirt I picked up from a thrift store. 

Above is the said shirt, as you can see it had some weird flower embroidered on it, it looked like some sort of dark nurse top.

Anyway, with my crosses in hand and some all trusty fabric glue, I stuck to the task of covering them up!

And here are my results...

Pretty nifty hey? It went from Dark Nurse to Dark Nun! A- heh, heh. Loves it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Clever Heading Goes Here.

I am wearing...
Denim jacket: Asos. | Top: made by yours truly. | Skirt: American Apparel. | Socks: Sportsgirl. | Ankle boots: Rubi. | Bag: Urban Outfitters.   

I wore this outfit to uni last week on a day where it was warm, but a little cold (classic Melbourne weather) - hence the socks. 
I made the sequin "third eye" top myself (there's a diy coming up on it soon), after being inspired by this tunic. I was too lazy to make more eyes, so one will have to do.  

I must say, one of the best purchases I have ever made is that denim jacket. It is defiantly a wardrobe staple, everyone should have one. 
It's usually my "go to" jacket when wanting to keep a look casual, but still put together. 

Random crazy guy getting in on my photo, jokes, that's my friend Matt. 
Doesn't he look like Harry Styles? We all tease him about it. 

I really liked this outfit all up. 
My sister and mum call the skirt I am wearing my "pirate skirt", and if thats the case, sign me up and have me swab the decks! 

In other unrelated news, I really need some new footwear. 
Not in the going out form, I have way too many options there, but in a casual sense.
Usually I just live in black flats, but I am so hard on them, they don't last more than a month. 
I am thinking of investing in a pair of boots, come creepers and maybe a couple of new pairs of oxfords.

What are your "go to" winter shoes? Any recommendations?? 

(Also sorry for the bad quality photos - I got my friend to snap these on my phone quickly and the lighting was bad.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

tassel me this.

A trend I have been noticing recently is the dangly tassel earrings. 

Images taken from google, contact me if you want credit.

I had seen them here and there, but it wasn't until I walked past vintage store Shag that my eyes caught on a fluorescent yellow pair in the window. They were divine.

Of course, deciding that I would mull over the idea of adopting them, the next time I passed the store they were gone.

I hadn't really given the situation another thought, that was until I was in my local spotlight today searching for sequins when I can across the tassel section. 

I don't know what it is when I'm in spotlight, I always feel very calm, which is funny because you would think I would be in a state of anxiety knowing I was going to blow all of my money on craft things, but the point is a bright pink colour amongst the tassels caught my eye.

Giving the rack a second glance, the tassel earrings in the Shag window popped into my mind, and I knew what I was going to do. 

I grabbed two sets of tassels, a black pair with gold embellishment and a bright pink pair, and two various types of earring bases. 

I decided to go with large silver domes for the pink and simple gold studs for the black.

Pretty much all I did was lace the tassel strings through the hoops of the earring and hey presto!

Two sets of very glamourous earrings. And all for under $10!

 So tempted to rock the pink ones at uni tomorrow! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

As I have said in past posts, I am pretty sure I was a magpie in a past life, I just love shiny things. 

So it can come as no surprise that I am so psyched for the accessories line by Vogue Japan editor at large, Anna Dello Russo, for H&M! 

I know what you're thinking, what a fab bitch right?? 

The pieces are very much 80s-Versace-esque, lots of gold, lots of shine, chain and pops of bright colours. 

Personally I am totally in love with the two clutches, especially the gold one with the turquoise stones. I am obsessed with anything gold and turquoise. Maybe I should of named the blog the turquoise and gold gilt envelope? HA.  Also digging the diamante cat eye sunglasses!  

In the video released we not only get a sneak peak of the line, but also into Ms. Dello Russo's very fabulous home.

Take a look! 

My friend is moving to America to go to college in August, as we have no H&Ms in Australia at this point, it looks as if I may be having to get her to run an errand for her ol' pal Tori.

The line will feature sunglasses, shoes, jewelry and bags, and will be available worldwide on october 4th, in 140 H&M stores and online.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Third eye (and fourth, and fifth, and sixth...)

Totally came across this Di$count dress on their site. I think its fab, but unfortunately it is sold out. 

I think I feel a DIY coming on....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The art of disfunction.

I recently watched the movie the movie "Factory Girl". 
Set in Manhattan in the 1960's (two of my favorite things, NYC and vintage!), the movie follows the "biographical" story of Edie Sedgwick, a young girl (played by Sienna Miller) who moves to NYC and quickly becomes swallowed up by the underground art scene, becoming Andy Warhol's "muse".

The movie itself if fantastic, but what is even better is the fashion, and yeah okay, Hayden Christensen too, swooooon.

I wanted more photos of specific outfits but the internets offers limited resources (Ha! who knew?!), so this is what I managed to come up with.

With winter closing in on us, the whole movie had me lusting after the fur (faux of course) trimmed coats, horizontal black and white tops, black tights, mod eye makeup and biiiiiiiig statement earrings, as well as Edie's all round fabulousness. 

The movie had me wondering how one does become the fabby fab fab that is Edie Sedgwick, as well as wondering how long it will be until a time machine is invented so I can go back to this underground Warhol art scene. Yes please.