Monday, May 14, 2012

Clever Heading Goes Here.

I am wearing...
Denim jacket: Asos. | Top: made by yours truly. | Skirt: American Apparel. | Socks: Sportsgirl. | Ankle boots: Rubi. | Bag: Urban Outfitters.   

I wore this outfit to uni last week on a day where it was warm, but a little cold (classic Melbourne weather) - hence the socks. 
I made the sequin "third eye" top myself (there's a diy coming up on it soon), after being inspired by this tunic. I was too lazy to make more eyes, so one will have to do.  

I must say, one of the best purchases I have ever made is that denim jacket. It is defiantly a wardrobe staple, everyone should have one. 
It's usually my "go to" jacket when wanting to keep a look casual, but still put together. 

Random crazy guy getting in on my photo, jokes, that's my friend Matt. 
Doesn't he look like Harry Styles? We all tease him about it. 

I really liked this outfit all up. 
My sister and mum call the skirt I am wearing my "pirate skirt", and if thats the case, sign me up and have me swab the decks! 

In other unrelated news, I really need some new footwear. 
Not in the going out form, I have way too many options there, but in a casual sense.
Usually I just live in black flats, but I am so hard on them, they don't last more than a month. 
I am thinking of investing in a pair of boots, come creepers and maybe a couple of new pairs of oxfords.

What are your "go to" winter shoes? Any recommendations?? 

(Also sorry for the bad quality photos - I got my friend to snap these on my phone quickly and the lighting was bad.)

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