Thursday, March 29, 2012

Consciously wanting.

Every once in awhile, something is released that has me wishing I lived in the US so I could easily get my hands on it. Wait- who am I kidding? I just always wish I lived in the US... jokes, I love you Australia, but your lack of certain stores irritates me.
Anyway, the thing that has spurred me on this little rant is H&M's spring 2012 "Conscious" Collection.
Usually composed of basic T's and summer dresses, H&M has extended their environmentally friendly line to feature red carpet glamour influenced pieces.
All pieces have been created out of sustainable materials such as recycled hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester.

These are my favorite pieces out of the collection, but you can view the full range here.

Ahhhhhh I want these so badly, I am such a sucker for that neon colour at the moment, and florals are my love.

The collection will be available exclusively across 100 stores worldwide from the 12th of April.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Waggu for your Baggu.

So in class at the moment we have been looking at the new leather bags recently released in australia by New York brand, Baggu.
Thought I would share what my friend Joe and I wrote up on them with you all! 

"Baggu Leather Bags, the new must-have accessories for the fashion conscious. Handmade in New York, the Baggu brand offers the exclusivity and luxury of a one of a kind piece while still maintaining attractive prices, ranging from $39 to $69 for the leather pouches and from $199 to $269 for the leather bags. Originally offered in the staple colours of brown, black, white and platinum, Baggu has kept its brand initiative of being forward and on trend by releasing 4 new vibrant colours, Grapefruit, Apricot, Citron and Mint, all of which are available in sizes small and medium. Baggu has also continued their Citrus colour scheme throughout their leather pouch range, which are also available in two sizes, small and medium. The Baggu Leather Range, as well as its Canvas range, will be made available through Australian importer Vincent2 and can be found in stores or online at" 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Wardrobe Chronicles; introductory edition.

So I have decided to do something a little different here.
Well not really something different, that sounds like I am doing some massive re-brand, what I meant is really that I have decided to add an additional feature to this blog.
And that additional thing is called "The wardrobe chronicles".
And no, not of the Narnia variety (although I wouldn't mind that, I practically fell in love with Prince Caspian in the second movie and balled my eyes out over him).

In "The Wardrobe Chronicles", you will find me sharing specific pieces of my wardrobe with you, why they are significant to me, why I love them, and stories about when I wore them. I
t is a little more personal rather than the old "lol look at what I purchased" or "omgz look at my outfit braaahh", and it also gives me a chance to share particular items that I may not wear on a regular basis with you.

So with much ado, I bring you... The Introductory Edition!

As I am sure you are all aware by now, I love unique footwear, and originally I was going to call this the "shoe chronicles" rather than wardrobe, so I think it's only fitting to start with a pair of shoes.

These lovely specimens above are from the Betseyville by Betsey Johnson line, purchased in Macy's in San Francisco in 2008.
I had had pairs of heels before, but these were probably my first pair of shoes that really set of my lust for exotic footwear.
I remember when I first saw them and I instantly fell in love, it was our last day in the good old US of A, and we were getting ready to head back to our hotel, when I spotted them.
I can't really explain it, but I literally felt like I would be in pain if I didn't have them, especially because I was obsessed with Betsey Johnson.
I tried them on, my mother told me that people would be staring at my feet rather than my face when I wore them, my father was appalled by the price, although looking back they probably weren't that much, but for a 16 year old, maybe, and I was in bliss.
After much help from the sails assistant, and my pleading glances, my brother and sister came to my rescue, after only celebrating my birthday days before in Las Vegas, they offered to buy them for me for my birthday as a present, these and another pair of Betsey's (although these were the ones I fell madly in love with), which really meant my parents were getting them for me, as my brother and sister were 8 and 11 at the time. God bless them.

At the time I remember I thought they were SO tall, and was proud when people remarked how I could walk in them, although now looking at them they are probably one of my shorter pairs.
I wore them to Melbourne's Spring Racing carnival that same year and after spending ALL DAY walking around in them, I was in so. much. pain. I have a photo somewhere of my tortured face.

Couldn't find my tortured face, but here is a photo of my friends Steph, Kate and I heading out to the races that day in 2008, you can see me wearing my shoes! 
Anyway, I found after that excruciating day, I could last much longer in any other pair of heels! Hazzah!

Anyway, there do not get as much wear as they once did anymore, but I still love them for what they stood for at the time; my young adulthood.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

To New Orleans, with love.

Photo of a New Orleans prostitute in 1912 taken by John Bellocq.

Something about this photo that I loved so much I felt that I had to share, maybe it's just the fact that I want her tights though. 

Last night I went with my friend Bronte, trend setter extrodinare (happy now bronte?), to Project 360 that was held at The White House Institute for Design. It was pretty much a forum with 4 leading ladies of the fashion PR world. Sarah from Style Melbourne was one of the speakers and she had some great things to say! 

I am off to dream of sugarplums and peppermint swirls now, goodnight! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let's play a game.

What's pink, slightly thick and has a smooth texture?

These bad boys.

Meet the Jeffery Campbell X Wildfox "Ballet Platform" collaboration.

As it seems I have a penchant for strange and unique footwear, these were a must for my collection.

They ship in June as they were pre-order, gives me lots of time to form buyers regret. 

I love them. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

"I'm a **********ing P.I.M.P" - 50 Cent.

So, last tuesday night, (as you probably know, as you read my blog religiously right? RIGHT????), I headed with some friends to runway 6 of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.
The show itself was great, as I already have said, and it was fun to head down and get a peak at what it's all about.
Anyway, I guess I have some sort of obligation to show you what I wore...

 Pictured: Hat: Rubi Shoes | Silver necklace cuff thingy: Sportsgirl | Spike necklace: Lovisa | Top: General Pants Co. | Skirt: Asos | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Coat: Asos

I defiantly feel the outfit is a bit 1970's pimp chic, argue all you want, I'm feeling it.

Funny anecdote about the hat; when I first purchased it and brought it home my little sister, who you will all come to know and love from me sharing her comments and opinions on my various outfits, being the 14 year old that she is immediately started telling me I wasted my money and that it was stupid and looked like a pimp hat.
I laughed them off as I usually do, with my dad telling me he liked the hat, always coming to my rescue from Louisa, as she then went on to turn on her favorite TV show of the moment, Kim & Kourtney Take New York, to an episode where Khloe is visiting them.
As the show progressed, Khloe finally arrived and what, may I ask is Khloe Kardashian wearing?? THE EXACT SAME HAT! Same colour, same style, same black band, same everyth-well I think thats all there really is to the hat, you get the point.
Louisa was speechless, I  was smug, I think it's fair to say who won here. (It was me if you didn't get that.)

Pictured: Selfies with my cat Latte.

ANYWAY! I made a story out of the left over pictures about Cinderella out of boredom to share with you. It picks up from the good part, the ball.

 So Cinderalla, let's call her Cindy, was at the ball and was enjoying a nice dance of the Macareena when suddenly IT HIT 12 O'CLOCK!

Realising her time was running out Cindy ran away from the party, leaving her prince behind...

As she was running away down the stairs her shoe fell off. (Photo pre shoe falling off.)

And really thats all the photo's I have to do the story as I don't have one of a princ- Oh wait.

Then Cindy's Prince, Latte Meowson, Seached the land for her and he returned her shoe and they lived happily ever after and Cindy's evil sister was left to live her life in a room full of pink "pimp" hats.


Okay, I am going to leave this here before I embarrass myself any further.

Oh wait, I lied, I can, here is a link to the video of my friend Jame's and I entering this competition thing after the fashion show.

We are cool. What of it.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

White Suede @ L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

So last night I headed to runway five of L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival presented by Cosmopolitan. 
The show featured lines by Wayne Cooper, Joveeba, Rodeo Show, Shona Joy, Talulah, and White Suede.
The overall vibe of the show felt like a nostalgic road trip across mid-west america whilst tripping on acid, and I loved it.

All the lines were great, but the one line that really made my mouth drool was White Suede.
The moment those models started trotting down the runway in the photographed desert printed pieces, the pastel colour scheme with neon hints, the clean cut lines and touches of metallic accessories, had me wanting to run down there and hitch a ride to take part in the glamourous, yet rustic, road trip unfolding before me. 

My favorite piece of the line had to be the a-lined desert printed skater skirt with the gold band belt. Loooovvee it. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Always the bridesmaid reluctant wedding guest, never the bride.

So, last weekend,(I think, I lost count, yay uni student life!), my lovely second cousin Sarah got married!
I have never really been to a wedding before, I mean I have, but I was waaaaay to young to appreciate it and really take the whole thing in properly, and most of my friends are way to young to be married, so this was a bit of a first.

Anyway, as soon as I got word of the engagement, I eagerly started thinking about what to wear.
I knew white or creams were out of the question for fear of upstaging the bride, which I am told that this rule is out of date? I disagree. So something more subtle was needed, so what did I decide on wearing? This quiet little neon yellow number of course!

Pictured: Modern day Bonnie and Clyde, minus the Clyde.

I am wearing: Necklace: Quick Brown Fox | Dress: Asos| Shoes: Topshop "Glacier" heels | Bracelet: christmas gift.

Excuse me looking like a Cod (I couldn't find a politically correct way of describing my retar- weird person look going on) , my mother forced me into having my hair straitened for the occasion and I don't like how it falls so flat around my face.

Pictured: Father is getting arty.

Anyway, I really loved the colour of the dress and how it had layers of lace and such, I mean neon lace, really? REALLY?? I LOVE YOU ASOS BUT MY WALLET DOESN'T!
I wanted a classy look for the occasion, which I felt I achieved, look it's not hard when the wedding guests are mainly from ocean grove, I went from regular uni student/"style blogger" to someone who looks like a member of the ladies who lunch gang.

Anyway, I am heading to a fashion show for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week on tuesday night! Very excited! Street Style Photogs come at me! (But really, otherwise I will feel like I have failed as a style blogger, me cryes.)

ta taaaaaa my little chickes and chickos!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Collar from Afar(ar).

Well not that far, a simple trip to the local thrift store and nearest spotlight.
I believe I have reflected on my love for collars before, they are easy to make, they change the look of an outfit, easily... yeah look, I can't think of anything else to say. THE POINT IS... they are amazing, and I love them.

I mean, what accessory can you go "Oh, I am feeling this outfit is a little too bit pop-culture, 90's grunge, emo-vibeish today. OH WAIT I WILL PUT ON THIS LACEY COLLAR AND IT ERASES THE EXTREMITY OF THE OTHER VIBES FOR AN IRONIC GIRLY ONE!"?

"Quite a few actually", I hear you say, but as I am an expert at acting oblivious, I am going to ignore that and carry on with this post.

Pictured: My Pal, Alyssa.

On a rainy day a couple of weeks ago, my lovely friend Alyssa, pictured above, came around to my place of residence to spend a day of crafts in the art of making collars.

Pictured: Purchased shirts.

Pictured: decorative embellishments and materials chosen.

Anyway, after a quick lunch and a chat, we were down to business, visiting the local op shops and the craft heaven that is Spotlight, to purchase our materials.
Upon returning home, we used a pair of sharp scissors to cut along the seam of the collar of the shirt to detach the collar from said shirt. You follow me?

Anyway, after detaching said collars and carefully decorating them, these were the results:

We used fabric glue to attach the decorations of our choice, which can be purchased from any craft shop! If you really want, you can use a needle and thred, which works just as well, even possibly a little bit better, but is a little more time consuming.

Alyssa's are the ones on the right, and mine on the left! I really like how hers turned out, so I may have to do some replicas soon!

And there you go! Some great pieces to throw on with any outfit, well, majority anyway.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

In the pink.

How amazing is the editorial of the MinkPink X Nasty Gal collaboration! I almost died when I saw it. Neons, crazy patterns and coloured hair, hell yes!
Can't wait to get my hands on some of these pieces!