Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Collar from Afar(ar).

Well not that far, a simple trip to the local thrift store and nearest spotlight.
I believe I have reflected on my love for collars before, they are easy to make, they change the look of an outfit, easily... yeah look, I can't think of anything else to say. THE POINT IS... they are amazing, and I love them.

I mean, what accessory can you go "Oh, I am feeling this outfit is a little too bit pop-culture, 90's grunge, emo-vibeish today. OH WAIT I WILL PUT ON THIS LACEY COLLAR AND IT ERASES THE EXTREMITY OF THE OTHER VIBES FOR AN IRONIC GIRLY ONE!"?

"Quite a few actually", I hear you say, but as I am an expert at acting oblivious, I am going to ignore that and carry on with this post.

Pictured: My Pal, Alyssa.

On a rainy day a couple of weeks ago, my lovely friend Alyssa, pictured above, came around to my place of residence to spend a day of crafts in the art of making collars.

Pictured: Purchased shirts.

Pictured: decorative embellishments and materials chosen.

Anyway, after a quick lunch and a chat, we were down to business, visiting the local op shops and the craft heaven that is Spotlight, to purchase our materials.
Upon returning home, we used a pair of sharp scissors to cut along the seam of the collar of the shirt to detach the collar from said shirt. You follow me?

Anyway, after detaching said collars and carefully decorating them, these were the results:

We used fabric glue to attach the decorations of our choice, which can be purchased from any craft shop! If you really want, you can use a needle and thred, which works just as well, even possibly a little bit better, but is a little more time consuming.

Alyssa's are the ones on the right, and mine on the left! I really like how hers turned out, so I may have to do some replicas soon!

And there you go! Some great pieces to throw on with any outfit, well, majority anyway.

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