Sunday, March 11, 2012

Always the bridesmaid reluctant wedding guest, never the bride.

So, last weekend,(I think, I lost count, yay uni student life!), my lovely second cousin Sarah got married!
I have never really been to a wedding before, I mean I have, but I was waaaaay to young to appreciate it and really take the whole thing in properly, and most of my friends are way to young to be married, so this was a bit of a first.

Anyway, as soon as I got word of the engagement, I eagerly started thinking about what to wear.
I knew white or creams were out of the question for fear of upstaging the bride, which I am told that this rule is out of date? I disagree. So something more subtle was needed, so what did I decide on wearing? This quiet little neon yellow number of course!

Pictured: Modern day Bonnie and Clyde, minus the Clyde.

I am wearing: Necklace: Quick Brown Fox | Dress: Asos| Shoes: Topshop "Glacier" heels | Bracelet: christmas gift.

Excuse me looking like a Cod (I couldn't find a politically correct way of describing my retar- weird person look going on) , my mother forced me into having my hair straitened for the occasion and I don't like how it falls so flat around my face.

Pictured: Father is getting arty.

Anyway, I really loved the colour of the dress and how it had layers of lace and such, I mean neon lace, really? REALLY?? I LOVE YOU ASOS BUT MY WALLET DOESN'T!
I wanted a classy look for the occasion, which I felt I achieved, look it's not hard when the wedding guests are mainly from ocean grove, I went from regular uni student/"style blogger" to someone who looks like a member of the ladies who lunch gang.

Anyway, I am heading to a fashion show for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week on tuesday night! Very excited! Street Style Photogs come at me! (But really, otherwise I will feel like I have failed as a style blogger, me cryes.)

ta taaaaaa my little chickes and chickos!

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