Friday, July 27, 2012

New York State Of Mind.

TOTALLY obsessed with the New York Skyeline Swimsuit by Black Milk for their line Nylon Wars Part 1.

You will be surprised to know I do not actually own any Black Milk as of yet, I think I was kind of turned off them for a bit with everyone jumping on the Black Milk bandwagon, and a galaxy patterned bandwagon at that.
 But with my love for photographic prints and New York being so strong... I may have to give in. 

I have had a busy week, but even then I have been I managed to squeeze in a few films. 

I recently watched Lords Of Dogtown, a movie about the revolution of skateboarding in the 70s, which was amazing. I have seen The Dark Knight Rises twice in one week as it is so awesome, watched two indie movies, Submarine and Restless, caught a screening of Magic Mike (Helllooooooo Alcide from True Blood), and had a go at one of my favorite genres, period romantic dramas, with the danish film A Royal Affair and Bright Star.

All the films were good but the ones I would highly recommend are Lords Of Dogtown, The Dark Knight Rises and A Royal Affair, heck, I will even throw in Magic Mike for the eye candy. 

Also how crazy is the Kstew and Robert Pattinson drama this week?! Unbelievable, I feel so bad for him that it's all happened so publicly.

On another note I keep hearing all these opening/closing ceremony rumours about the London Olympics. I must say, the idea of a giant Voldemort and a possible Beatles reunion excites me very much.

Go for gold,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Floral flamingo.

I am wearing...
Top: Metallicus | Blazer: Myer | Pants: Dotti | Boots: Wittner | Belt: Sportsgirl | Necklace: Diva

I just realised something shocking; nothing I am wearing is an online purchase. Woah.

Again, these were shot quickly via my phone before I went out. Hence the quality. I am sorry okay?
I always never know how to pose for these things without looking or feeling like a wanker. Hence my awkward poses for the most part. Go me.

I picked up the pineapple necklace from Diva, of all places, last tuesday. As soon as I saw it I had to have it. If you follow me on tumblr, you will see that I have a penchant for anything a bit tropical and reminiscent of 1980's Miami. 

Flamingos and neon lights,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Biker Gal.

As you can guess from my last post, it has been a busy, stressful and sad week.

But never the less it has not put a stop for my need to shop!

This week I am lusting after a white leather motorbike vest.

I have no idea why, but I just feel the need for one. AND a white one at that! 
I'm thinking that it will work well into my summer months wardrobe.

So I have been scouting, I found a few on Topshop, but none that are EXACTLY what I want...

Good style, it's black though. And I really want a white one. I would probably lean more towards this one if we weren't heading out of our colder months. AND I feel like I have a little too much black in my closet (can't believe I am saying that.)

It's white, it's leather, and I like the style.
What's the problem then? 
Egh, just don't even get me started on it. It angers me just by looking at it.

The style is perfect on this one. Exactly what I wanted, except THE MATERIAL IS DENIM.
Why oh why are you doing this to me Topshop?!
I don't have a problem with it really being denim, its more that I know it is just going to be a BITCH to keep clean.
Oh well, look lets face it, this will probably be the one I will end up purchasing.

If you guys know of any sites that have what I'm looking for, feel free to drop me a comment!

At the moment I am constantly checking the UPS package tracking system to check how far off my new shoes from Solestruck are. I seriously can. not. wait.

I just love the thrill of getting mail - obviously my life is that exciting.

Ride on,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alexander Inge 1928 - 2012

“Every man dies, not every man lives… Those who lived amazing lives will be looked after when they leave.”
Today my grandfather passed away at the age of 84.
For the last 10 years he has been battling dementia, so in a way it is a relief that he is no longer struggling.
My Grandpa was someone I had an immense ammount of respect for.
As a boy he experienced a world no boy should, his family were run out of their home in Latvia during WW2 by Nazi’s. They experienced poverty and ran and hid for their lives. I have heard so many horrific stories of what he witnessed in that time.
He moved to Australia after WW2 with his brother from Latvia with nothing, and together they created an empire. They were seen as post war immigrations success stories within Europe and a thing that Lativian’s aspired to be. 
He lost his younger brother when he was in his 20’s.
He had experienced betrayal in it’s worst form.
He was an artist, and has created many beautiful sculptures.
He was a gentleman.
He was kind.
He was generous.
He was modest.
I am so proud and honored to be his granddaughter, to be able to say that my grandfather lost everything, came from nothing and created something - it will always inspire me and encourage me when the chips are down. 
I will never forget the last days with him, how it seemed that I was the only person who could make him smile and bring a bit of life back into him, how he sang and I danced in the hospital room and how after months of not remembering, he remembered our secret handshake we used to do. 
I love you Grandpa, I’ll see you soon. xo

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Amazing(ly attractive) Spiderman.

I recently went and caught a screening of the new Spiderman film, The Amazing Spiderman. It was, well... amazing! 
And I can't tell you how many times I leant over to Kate and swooned to her whenever Andrew Garfield was on screen.

So yes, this calls for an Andrew Garfield appreciation post.

Since I first saw him in The Social Network, he has been on my (slightly lengthy) celebrity crush list. This was confirmed when I saw Never Let Me Go and pretty much cemented for life with The Amazing Spiderman.

Also, may I add that he has a superb taste in women? Emma Stone? Hell yeah! I adoreeee her! 
Usually I get jealous of whoever is going out with my celebrity crushes (I mean, how dare they? Obviously they are mine... please note this is a joke.) , but these two together are just too lovely to even contemplate being jealous!
They were great together, so. much. chemistry. 

I want to become friends with them and then we can have grown up dinner parties where we be witty and hilarious, drink wine, listen to 60's music on a record player, discuss the meaning of life and sample fresh produce from the farmers market.  Yes.

Anyway, here comes the good bit, enjoy...

You're welcome.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Illustrating the illustrated.

The Huffington Post recently enlisted illustrator Joana Avillez to create 12 images of personalities within the fashion industry. 
They are totally adorable and the details are amazing! 
Served me much entertainment during my lunch break at work.

Here are a few of my faves, take a look! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Room 680.

I have always believed that your room is a place that should reflect you, and in turn, someone's room can tell you a lot about that individual.

I have always taken pride in my room, well my room when it is clean, and filled it with quirky little knick knacks for peoples viewing pleasure, but recently I had become unhappy with it. It was all looking rather drab.

My room before.

For ages I had a hot pink feature wall, which about two years ago I had the whole room re-painted white, for I was so sick of the pink. Since then it had remained white, I had hung various things up in an effort to brighten up the room a bit, as well as a Breakfast At Tiffanies movie print that I had sitting around from a past christmas. But even then the print looked lonesome and awkward.

So on the weekend, I decided to put an end to it.

The process...

The outcome...

The finished product.

It only took me a few hours. I measured out the stripes by hand and masking taped them. 

I am so so so pleased with the outcome. The wall defiantly adds more character and a Parisian/60s feel. Oh so chic. 
The stripes also give the illusion of the room being taller. 

I even feel that I have to call it a "boudoir" now, not a "bedroom". Ha. 

What's your favorite thing about your room?

Paint on,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back to the Kitchening.

It seems that everyone has a "style icon." Someone who they dig their style, attitude and well, er, style?

I have followed many blogs and celebrities throughout the years, but the one "style icon" who has seemed to stick was Audrey Kitching.

I started following her blog (hosted on Buzznet) back in 2006, when I was a scene kid (no way of sugar coating it), and dear Audrey was labelled "Scene Queen" due to her alternative dress sense, highly dyed (and pink) hair and her string of rocker boyfriends, although not really a string.

I was then a huge fan of a band in which she dated the front man of for a short amount of time, so obviously I was insanely jealous of her and often looked on a little in scorn (look, I was a delusional 13 year old okay?)
As the years went on I grew out of my "emo" stage, but I found that I kept clicking back to her blog.

I have witnessed her strength and determination throughout the years, having established herself, and her brand, as a prominent figure within the fashion industry, I can say that I observed her gradual transition from hot pink to a softer baby pink hair, and of course I have drooled over her fabulous wardrobe.

For me, Audrey Kitching is my number one style icon.