Friday, July 13, 2012

The Amazing(ly attractive) Spiderman.

I recently went and caught a screening of the new Spiderman film, The Amazing Spiderman. It was, well... amazing! 
And I can't tell you how many times I leant over to Kate and swooned to her whenever Andrew Garfield was on screen.

So yes, this calls for an Andrew Garfield appreciation post.

Since I first saw him in The Social Network, he has been on my (slightly lengthy) celebrity crush list. This was confirmed when I saw Never Let Me Go and pretty much cemented for life with The Amazing Spiderman.

Also, may I add that he has a superb taste in women? Emma Stone? Hell yeah! I adoreeee her! 
Usually I get jealous of whoever is going out with my celebrity crushes (I mean, how dare they? Obviously they are mine... please note this is a joke.) , but these two together are just too lovely to even contemplate being jealous!
They were great together, so. much. chemistry. 

I want to become friends with them and then we can have grown up dinner parties where we be witty and hilarious, drink wine, listen to 60's music on a record player, discuss the meaning of life and sample fresh produce from the farmers market.  Yes.

Anyway, here comes the good bit, enjoy...

You're welcome.

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