Monday, July 9, 2012

Room 680.

I have always believed that your room is a place that should reflect you, and in turn, someone's room can tell you a lot about that individual.

I have always taken pride in my room, well my room when it is clean, and filled it with quirky little knick knacks for peoples viewing pleasure, but recently I had become unhappy with it. It was all looking rather drab.

My room before.

For ages I had a hot pink feature wall, which about two years ago I had the whole room re-painted white, for I was so sick of the pink. Since then it had remained white, I had hung various things up in an effort to brighten up the room a bit, as well as a Breakfast At Tiffanies movie print that I had sitting around from a past christmas. But even then the print looked lonesome and awkward.

So on the weekend, I decided to put an end to it.

The process...

The outcome...

The finished product.

It only took me a few hours. I measured out the stripes by hand and masking taped them. 

I am so so so pleased with the outcome. The wall defiantly adds more character and a Parisian/60s feel. Oh so chic. 
The stripes also give the illusion of the room being taller. 

I even feel that I have to call it a "boudoir" now, not a "bedroom". Ha. 

What's your favorite thing about your room?

Paint on,

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