Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back to the Kitchening.

It seems that everyone has a "style icon." Someone who they dig their style, attitude and well, er, style?

I have followed many blogs and celebrities throughout the years, but the one "style icon" who has seemed to stick was Audrey Kitching.

I started following her blog (hosted on Buzznet) back in 2006, when I was a scene kid (no way of sugar coating it), and dear Audrey was labelled "Scene Queen" due to her alternative dress sense, highly dyed (and pink) hair and her string of rocker boyfriends, although not really a string.

I was then a huge fan of a band in which she dated the front man of for a short amount of time, so obviously I was insanely jealous of her and often looked on a little in scorn (look, I was a delusional 13 year old okay?)
As the years went on I grew out of my "emo" stage, but I found that I kept clicking back to her blog.

I have witnessed her strength and determination throughout the years, having established herself, and her brand, as a prominent figure within the fashion industry, I can say that I observed her gradual transition from hot pink to a softer baby pink hair, and of course I have drooled over her fabulous wardrobe.

For me, Audrey Kitching is my number one style icon. 

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