Monday, January 30, 2012

Standing room only.

This summer, which I have affectionaly named The Summer Of Glam Youth 1960, I have grown a liking to collecting statement necklaces. And with this credit card hurting hobby I have gained, it means I have lost storage space. And so I decided rather than just throwing them into my necklace box hidden in my draw, I would find a more creative way to display some of my favorite pieces. And this is the result.

The frame itself I originally picked up from the salvos for the set of my monologue performance exam, and it was originally made up of two different tones of brown wood, it was a nice frame, but I hate the colour brown. HATE IT. So I removed the glass and wooden back from the frame and sprayed it with a quick couple of coats of my brothers white spray paint and that problem was solved!

Secondly, I purchased some plain silver wire from my local craft shop, measured the width of the frame and nailed it to the back of the frame using two flat tack pins, making sure to wrap the ends of the wire around the pin ends.

And viola! A jewelry stand fit for a museum! I like the sleek look of the whole frame combination I must say, so happy with the way it turned out!

goodbye now!


As the great Rachel Zoe once said, "that. is. bananas." The term caught on, and a catch phrase was born for the great celebrity stylist.

Pictured: Milk & Honey "Bananarama" dress & Banksy's "Wall & Piece".

I have once reflected my>past trouble with fruit themed pieces on here, not knowing how to style them, however, when I recently spotted this amazing "Bananarama" by Milk & Honey on a mannequin in Myer, I turned to Georgie, having surveyed the 1950's rockabilly style, the pale blue and yellow colour combination and Jeremy Scott style print and said, "Oh my god, I need that dress." A frantic search broke out between the two of us trying to locate said dress in The Basement, until we spotted it hanging on a hanger across the room, the last one left.
Cautiously we approached the dress, I tried to prepare myself for disappointment incase the last one was not my size. Slowly I removed the item from the rack and peaked at the size tag, the stars must have alined for me that day, as it was my size and it fit perfectly! Hazzah! It is fair to say that I am in love.

Pictured: Banksy's "Wall & Piece" purchased from General Pants Co.

I also picked up renowned street artist Banksy's book "Wall & Piece" (Ha Ha Banksy, nice play on words there, why you so cleaver?). I recently purchased another book "Banksy myths and legends" and watched his film, "Exit Through The Gift Shop", and I got to say he is one very very cleaver and fascinating man. I know one of the main things about him is the whole anonymous thing, but his work is so intelligent and honest, and to be frank, he is funny as fuck. I wish to be friends with the man.
If you haven't read his book or seen his film, I highly recommend getting on that. Or if you don't even know him, look him up! NOW!

Anyway, I finally finished and photographed my DIY jewelry stand, so be expecting a post on that in the near future.

until next time chickens!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Running errands.

pictured: Top: General Pants Co. | Pants: Byron Bay | Shoes: Sara Lienne Jelly Sandals | Sunnies: Byron Bay.

As the title says, this is a basic outfit that I wore today whilst running errands. Sorry about the blurry photo booth pictures.
It was boiling today, and I made a compromise with myself this morning that if I didn't go to the gym, I would ride my bike to do my errands, so I needed something lightweight and preferably of the pant variety, so these pants were perfect.

Picture: intricate detail of the pants.

I picked up these pants whilst I was on schoolies in Byron Bay. I instantly fell in love with the pattern, and adored the colour palette, so rhetorically they had to be mine. They are now my number one go to when I get home and want some comfort! The top is from General Pants basics, sunglasses are another schoolies purchase and jelly sandals from a kids shoe shop on Glenferrie road! I originally purchased an orange pair of the sandals and loved them so much I went and purchased these green ones!

What is your go to outfit for running errands??

Lucy In Disguise.

I may be a little slow on the uptake here, but I was recently at David Jones in the city when I came across the Lucy In Disguise range that they were carrying. I thought it was in genius, the whole idea of dresses inspired by different eras, but still with a modern twist.

Pictured: part of the Lucy in Disguise range.

Pictured: part of the Lucy in Disguise range.

In particularly I fell in love with the "Chaplin" dress (pictured below), inspired by the 1920's. The mixture of black and gold, the sequins, the black see through material, THE SEQUINED BOW TIE!!11!!1! I was sold. I have decided I need this dress, my entire being will not be complete without it, and I know my dreams are going to be haunted by it. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

Pictured: Lucy In Disguise "Chaplin" dress.

n other news, I went and enrolled at RMIT for my uni corse the other day. It was good, although my ID card picture looks ridiculous. I then met up with my friend Georgie and shopped around the city, I ended up picking up a sweet as Milk & Honey dress with a banana print all over it (awesome) and Banksy's book "Wall and Piece" (double awesome).
I also have a DIY jewelry stand project in the works at the moment, I will be sure to update you all once I am finished with it!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

From pictures, in travel.

Picture: Opera House.

Picture: Fruit breakfast

Picture: Kate and I with the Knight Bus!

Picture: the flying car from Chamber of Secrets.

Picture: Purchases from the giftshop.

Picture: Rose and lychee cocktail.

Here are a few quick snaps from my recent trip to sydney with one of my oldest friends Kate and her family. It was so much fun, and the Harry potter exhibition was amazing!
Being a typical Melbournian, I am pretty much programmed to feel a sense of competition with Sydney from birth, but I must say Darling Harbor and Circular Quay are beautiful. We went and caught a play, Celebrity Autobiography, at the opera house at night, and when I saw the Opera House and the harbor bridge for the first time all lit up it took my breath away!
The next day we roamed around west field and Pitt Street mall and did a little shopping and hit up the ferry and The Rocks. There was such a neat little book store called "Ariel" that we went into that I could have spent my whole bank account in. I ended up just purchasing one book. All up it was a great short first trip to Sydney, even if I do still think Melbourne is better.

Picture: Being Hardcore.

Picture: Luna Park.

Picture: Print by Ken Done.

Picture: The rocks.

Picture: Macrons from the rocks.

Picture: Plane read.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

On the road.

Picture: Headband: Lunatic @ Lady Petrova. | Dress: Princess Highway. | shoes: Sportsgirl. | Bike: Electra

Heading to Sydney tomorrow morning with my friend Kate for 24 hours to see the Harry Potter exhibition and Sydney in general! I haven't been to sydney before, I mean I have been in the airport and never out of the airport, so I am super pumped! Stressing on what to pack as I always dress for my mood, and I never know my mood until I wake up!

The above picture is me on my bike. I got the bike for my birthday, I was meant to get it in september but ended up getting it in december due to the fact I knew I wanted an orange one and couldn't find one anywhere. After searching multiple times and almost giving up on an orange one, I found one in a store we stopped by for a second time by chance. Love it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ruby Jeweled Slippers.

Another recent DIY project. After finding similar beautiful Jewell encrusted pairs of heels online for outrageous prices, I decided to turn to my trusty glue gun, my local craft shop and the forever 21 website for some affordable help.
I started the project in the middle of the year and finished one shoe, however I then ran out of jewels and then got caught up with school work so I only recently finished the second.

I must say, I am very happy with the outcome, however, I worry about how many of the jewels will fall off when I do wear them out. Nothing the glue gun can't fix I guess!

In other news, I was accepted into RMIT Tafe to do Public Relations this year! I am happy, but still hoping I may be lucky and nab a second round offer to the RMIT Uni public relations corse. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Importance of being earnest.

So last night I headed off with my friends Jc and Kate to see the final performance of Oscar Wilde's "The Importance Of Being Earnest" at Melbourne Theatre Company, directed by Simon Phillips.

I always dress according to what mood I am in. So having been cleaning my room all day, I really did not know what I felt like wearing, which led me to have a text conversation with my friend Kate that went like this:

Anyway, the point is I think I ended up settling for something in between.

Picture: Blazer: Sportsgirl | Top: Dotti | Pants: Asos | Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Market in Byron Bay |

The pants are apart of the pant suit that I posted earlier about and the jacket I scored on sale from sportsgirl for like $40, bargain! The shoes are from Topshop, I fell inlove with them ages ago and didn't get around to purchasing them before the sold out and I mourned the loss of them, that was untill they kindly restocked them and they were mine. My precious. I love all the pastels that are coming in at the moment, it makes everything feel like a constant serene easter bunny meets my little pony vibe. Yeah, I went there, a serene easter bunny meets my little pony vibe. Sorry about the bad picture quality, I had to get Kate to take the picture on my phone as I didnt get a chance to take a photo on my camera before we left.

Anyway, the show was amazing and the set blew my mind, It was a giant book with various settings on different pages that changed, like a pop up book and all in black and white illustrations. Also, Geoffrey Rush played Lady Bracknell and my golly gosh he was superb! As was the rest of the cast!

Pictured: Images of the set of the production. Amazing.

Pictured: Actors on stage. Toby Schmitz as Jack, Patrick Bramall as Agernon and Geoffrey Rush as Lady Bracknell.

I think my highlight of the night was Meeting the director, Simon Phillips. Jc, Kate and I are massive fans, we all adored his production of "Hamlet" last year at MTC, and what he did with Love Never Dies, giving it the life it deserved, was phenomenal. At intermission we waited for a moment to politely interrupt, we were freaking out the whole time, people probably thought we were deranged. Anyway, when we actually did interupt he was charming and really friendly and we pretty much told him that he is god and that we all love theatre and kate told him she wanted to be a director and JC an actress and I fan girled over love never dies and told him I saw it three times and at the final show I sat in the very back row and bawled my eyes out with my binoculars by myself and he loved it! And then we fangirled about Hamlet and how it is my favorite shakespeare and about the scene transition when Hamlet is running through the castle and he spat the water - it was amazing. He seemed genuinely chuffed and thankfull. Probably because we are of a younger generation than he is used to loving his work. Other people would of thought we were such strange people, but you could tell he understood us, he is a theatre geek to I guess in a way! When we got back to out seats we were all shaking like loons and when we were talking to him I thought I would burst into tears. hahaha,

Anyway, here are some more close up details on my outfit that I did manage to snap on my webcam when I did get home!

I am back to work tomorrow, le sigh, so can not be bothered.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ice creams and lollies and cream puffs - oh my!

Isn't Mulberry's Spring/Summer 2012 campaign images to die for?! I came across them on the net and couldn't help but squeal from excitement.

The over sized ice creams, the colours, the sea side, it really hits the mark and makes you want re-visit your childhood and go to the carnival!

The whole campaign is good enough to eat!

Excuse me while I go and drool over these delicious images.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The perks of being a wall flower.

I have always loved the look when girls wear flower crowns and headbands. I think there is something so feminine and delicate about it, it is lovely. It is a versatile look, you can wear them with lacy floral dresses for an ultra-girly look or in a contrasting manner with ripped tights, black dress in a grunge manner with a ironic delicate touch.
Having had a few different floral head pieces myself, I was hooked. And so I recently invested in a beautiful Lunatic floral headband from Lady Petrova (If you have not visited this store in Melbourne I recommend it! if it full of femme cutesy goodness).

Picture: My friend lucy wearing my Lunatic headband!

Anyway, as I loved the piece I found myself desperately wanting to invest in many many more. However, with each headband costing $50 + dollars a pop (mine cost $79), I decided that it may not be the most cost effective idea. That was until I was at spotlight recently, that I spotted an abundance of faux flowers. I raced over and examined them, forming ideas an combinations in my mind of what ones would look good together perched upon my head. I carefully chose a bunch, brought and extra pack of glue sticks for my glue gun and hurried home. At home I grabbed an old headband and long ribbon, glued the ribbon around the headband, then de-stalked the flowers and arranged and glued them!

Pictures: DIY-ed Flower headband.

I was so happy with the outcome and all of my friends were amazed! All up it cost me around $35 for the flowers, but I had heaps of flowers left over so I have been making heaps of other crowns too - so all up it was way more cost effective. So much so, that I made another basic daisy headband for new years!

Picture: Professional model modeling my headbands I made. Lol jokes its me.

It is so satisfying wearing a piece that people compliment you on and ask where you got it from and respond that you made it!