Monday, January 9, 2012

Really Regretful Retail.

See my use of alliteration as a attention grabbing device there? Good one Tori.
So the other day I was having a conversation with my friend Georgie about purchases we have regretted. Both avid shoppers, I was reflecting with her on a recent Asos purchase that I deemed would either be a "hit" or "miss", being a floral suit.

Picture: discussed floral suit. FYI - it is fab.

The conversation then led to us discussing past purchases, that which after we clicked the "add to basket" button, entered our credit card details, and received our packages, we found ourselves wondering; ""why on earth did I buy this?"
It so happened that both of our retail regrets were in the style of foot wear; every woman's weakness.
Georgie reflected on her impulse purchase of a pair of brown Doc Marten hiking boots, something that seemed essential at the time and would be a feature staple in her wardrobe.

Pictured: Georgie's impulse purchase.

The shoes still remain untouched, at the bottom of her closet. Much like my Jeffrey Campbell "Fruitbowl" shoes.

Don't get me wrong, I have a taste for slightly quirky and wonderful footwear. I like to think that if I died in a sudden freak accident, my shoes could be put on display somewhere for everyone to marvel at. So I think that goes to say that not all of my foot wear purchases are the most practical. So having seen the beautiful "Bananas is my business" fruit featured shoes by Charlotte Olympia, and then consequently having all my hopes of owning this shoe slashed when I saw the price. So I tried to forget and move on.

Pictured: The original "Bananas is my business" shoes by Charlotte Olympia.

That was, of course, before one Mr. Jeffrey Campbell, introduced me to the similar, but cost effective, "Fruitbowl". I remember seeing them and needing the instantly. I pined for these babys and dreamed about them. I had to have them. The wooded wedge, the clear persplex and fruit detail; tacky, but beautiful. I had to purchase them. And purchase them I did.

Picture: The offending "Fruitbowl" by Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Look, I am not saying that I regret buying them, its just more I have no idea how to wear them. And so they have remained hidden... under my bed... where no one may ever see them.

Look, they say every dog has its day, but their day, is just not today.

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