Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Importance of being earnest.

So last night I headed off with my friends Jc and Kate to see the final performance of Oscar Wilde's "The Importance Of Being Earnest" at Melbourne Theatre Company, directed by Simon Phillips.

I always dress according to what mood I am in. So having been cleaning my room all day, I really did not know what I felt like wearing, which led me to have a text conversation with my friend Kate that went like this:

Anyway, the point is I think I ended up settling for something in between.

Picture: Blazer: Sportsgirl | Top: Dotti | Pants: Asos | Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Market in Byron Bay |

The pants are apart of the pant suit that I posted earlier about and the jacket I scored on sale from sportsgirl for like $40, bargain! The shoes are from Topshop, I fell inlove with them ages ago and didn't get around to purchasing them before the sold out and I mourned the loss of them, that was untill they kindly restocked them and they were mine. My precious. I love all the pastels that are coming in at the moment, it makes everything feel like a constant serene easter bunny meets my little pony vibe. Yeah, I went there, a serene easter bunny meets my little pony vibe. Sorry about the bad picture quality, I had to get Kate to take the picture on my phone as I didnt get a chance to take a photo on my camera before we left.

Anyway, the show was amazing and the set blew my mind, It was a giant book with various settings on different pages that changed, like a pop up book and all in black and white illustrations. Also, Geoffrey Rush played Lady Bracknell and my golly gosh he was superb! As was the rest of the cast!

Pictured: Images of the set of the production. Amazing.

Pictured: Actors on stage. Toby Schmitz as Jack, Patrick Bramall as Agernon and Geoffrey Rush as Lady Bracknell.

I think my highlight of the night was Meeting the director, Simon Phillips. Jc, Kate and I are massive fans, we all adored his production of "Hamlet" last year at MTC, and what he did with Love Never Dies, giving it the life it deserved, was phenomenal. At intermission we waited for a moment to politely interrupt, we were freaking out the whole time, people probably thought we were deranged. Anyway, when we actually did interupt he was charming and really friendly and we pretty much told him that he is god and that we all love theatre and kate told him she wanted to be a director and JC an actress and I fan girled over love never dies and told him I saw it three times and at the final show I sat in the very back row and bawled my eyes out with my binoculars by myself and he loved it! And then we fangirled about Hamlet and how it is my favorite shakespeare and about the scene transition when Hamlet is running through the castle and he spat the water - it was amazing. He seemed genuinely chuffed and thankfull. Probably because we are of a younger generation than he is used to loving his work. Other people would of thought we were such strange people, but you could tell he understood us, he is a theatre geek to I guess in a way! When we got back to out seats we were all shaking like loons and when we were talking to him I thought I would burst into tears. hahaha,

Anyway, here are some more close up details on my outfit that I did manage to snap on my webcam when I did get home!

I am back to work tomorrow, le sigh, so can not be bothered.

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