Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The perks of being a wall flower.

I have always loved the look when girls wear flower crowns and headbands. I think there is something so feminine and delicate about it, it is lovely. It is a versatile look, you can wear them with lacy floral dresses for an ultra-girly look or in a contrasting manner with ripped tights, black dress in a grunge manner with a ironic delicate touch.
Having had a few different floral head pieces myself, I was hooked. And so I recently invested in a beautiful Lunatic floral headband from Lady Petrova (If you have not visited this store in Melbourne I recommend it! if it full of femme cutesy goodness).

Picture: My friend lucy wearing my Lunatic headband!

Anyway, as I loved the piece I found myself desperately wanting to invest in many many more. However, with each headband costing $50 + dollars a pop (mine cost $79), I decided that it may not be the most cost effective idea. That was until I was at spotlight recently, that I spotted an abundance of faux flowers. I raced over and examined them, forming ideas an combinations in my mind of what ones would look good together perched upon my head. I carefully chose a bunch, brought and extra pack of glue sticks for my glue gun and hurried home. At home I grabbed an old headband and long ribbon, glued the ribbon around the headband, then de-stalked the flowers and arranged and glued them!

Pictures: DIY-ed Flower headband.

I was so happy with the outcome and all of my friends were amazed! All up it cost me around $35 for the flowers, but I had heaps of flowers left over so I have been making heaps of other crowns too - so all up it was way more cost effective. So much so, that I made another basic daisy headband for new years!

Picture: Professional model modeling my headbands I made. Lol jokes its me.

It is so satisfying wearing a piece that people compliment you on and ask where you got it from and respond that you made it!

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