Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lucy In Disguise.

I may be a little slow on the uptake here, but I was recently at David Jones in the city when I came across the Lucy In Disguise range that they were carrying. I thought it was in genius, the whole idea of dresses inspired by different eras, but still with a modern twist.

Pictured: part of the Lucy in Disguise range.

Pictured: part of the Lucy in Disguise range.

In particularly I fell in love with the "Chaplin" dress (pictured below), inspired by the 1920's. The mixture of black and gold, the sequins, the black see through material, THE SEQUINED BOW TIE!!11!!1! I was sold. I have decided I need this dress, my entire being will not be complete without it, and I know my dreams are going to be haunted by it. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

Pictured: Lucy In Disguise "Chaplin" dress.

n other news, I went and enrolled at RMIT for my uni corse the other day. It was good, although my ID card picture looks ridiculous. I then met up with my friend Georgie and shopped around the city, I ended up picking up a sweet as Milk & Honey dress with a banana print all over it (awesome) and Banksy's book "Wall and Piece" (double awesome).
I also have a DIY jewelry stand project in the works at the moment, I will be sure to update you all once I am finished with it!

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