Monday, February 27, 2012


I am an avid online shopper. No point in trying to sugar coat it, it gets too hard trying to explain to my mother why there is another package for me waiting at the post office.
Anyway, I recently made a purchase through asos, the excuse being that I needed more clothes for uni, as well as a dress for my cousins wedding, and these items are what I ended up with, after much deliberating that is.

Yes I did purchase the claw ring in both silver AND gold. I thought it was such a beautiful specimen that I must have it in both.

I am going to do another one of these soon, but featuring items from my wish list, see key term; wishlist.

Tomorrow I am seeing Belvoir Street Theatre's production of "The Wild Duck" at Malthouse Theatre Company. I am beyond excited, It has two of my favorite actors in it, Ewen Leslie and Toby Schmitz, so you can understand my friends worry that I may have an aneurism from the excitement and amazingness that I am bound to experience, it is also meant to be phenomenal. Hazzah!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New York Fashion Street.

I know it may be some kind of crime to admit this, but although I love seeing the runway shows from fashion week, the thing I love even more is the street style!
Dozens upon dozens of women, and men, dressed in their finery brave the streets of manhattan this year, hoping to view next seasons styles - as well as be shot by a street photographer or two!
Anyway, as I flicked through all of the photos taken, a recent quote by Vivian Westwood popped into my head, "everybody looks like clones".
And as I gazed at over 500 photos, I realized I was getting bored and that everyone did look the same, and the seeping feeling of disappointment arose inside me, and I realised she was right.

Anyway, out of the 605 photos I looked out, these are the ones that interested me enough to actually save and share with you all.

Photos taken from

I defiantly feel that the men were repping it this year! What they do with layering and mixing textures defiantly interested me more than what some of the women were doing.
I wear a lot of black, so as you can probably tell, I love bursts of bright colours to break it up a bit.
I am also loving the trend of coloured furs that seem to be coming in (faux of course), I have a teal/green one sitting in my closet from Topshop that I am waiting to break out once the colder months set in!

I am looking forward to seeing the London and Paris fashion week street style photos, I feel the Europeans never let us down with daring fashion statements!

What were your favorite collections at NY Fashion week?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

0 point 5.

It was my Mum's 50th birthday last week and we headed out to dinner to celebrate!
Here are a couple of shots my dad nabbed whilst we were waiting to leave.
As you can see, the Asos floral pants are back with a vengeance! I have to say they are one of my absolute favorite pieces from my wardrobe right now.

Pictured: Necklace: Topshop | Camisole: Glassons | lace cardigan: Asos | Pants: Asos | Shoes: Therapy

Fun fact about the shoes I am wearing; they are actually two sizes too small for me! They may look fabulous, but my god they do hurt!
I came across them whilst I was on schoolies, the last orange ones and in a size 8, they were the closest ones to my size (I am usually a 9 or 10). I loved them so much, and for the cheap price they were, I brought them anyway!
And no matter how much they hurt - I still love them!

Uni has been good this week! tomorrow my friend Liss is coming around and we are doing an DIY collar day! So that should be fun! Pictures are ensured!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sorry Kids.

My dear it has been a few days hasn't it?! My apologies, I started uni on monday and have been working on my days off and have been exhausted in the meantime. Here are a few photos so that you can see what I have been up to!

Pictured: Summer Berries.

Pictured: Melbourne street art.

Pictured: A drawing I was working on.

Pictured: Purchased this the other day after uni! It is amazing, not as good as seeing it live, but still amazing!

Pictured: Awesome glass bottle of water I purchased near Hardware Lane. I am going to use it as a water bottle.

So far Uni is great. Everyone is super nice, I am loving my subjects and the classes feel so short! I am also adoring being in the city! The only problems are that it is so tempting to go shopping every day I am in there! I am based right near Bourke street mall, so you kinda get the picture.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Make a statement statement.

As I said in my past "standing room" post, recently I have gotten a knack for collecting bold statement neckwear. I find they are easy to throw on to glam up any outfit! So I decided to share my favorite ones with you in a quick post.

Top row from left to right: Sportgirl | Lovisa | Sports Girl | Lovisa
Middle row from left to right: Shop in europe | Sportsgirl | Shag Vintage | Lovisa
Bottom row from left to right: Topshop | Modcloth | Shop in Byron Bay | Lovisa

Quick useless story; the one that I have from Shag I actually wore to my valedictory ball late last year!
As you can see I have a quite a few necklaces from the shop Lovisa. I was recently introduced to Lovisa by my friends older sister when we were in sydney! I had never been to one before, as the stores in Melbourne are not in close distance to me, but I must say I loved the stock they had (as you can tell). I found that their pieces were more on trend than say other jewelry chain Diva, and better quality and defiantly not as tacky as we all know Diva can be, which is why I usually avoid it. It was also much cheaper!

Pictured: favorite necklaces.

In other news, I start at RMIT uni tomorrow! A little nervous, but I figure I should jump in head first!

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry at the moment?!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

To market, to market...

For the first time in a long time, I finally got myself down to camberwell market bright and early last sunday to have a look through the stalls.
There was a time I spent basically every sunday morning there, but with VCE last year, that kind of put it on hold for awhile.

Anyway, here are some snaps of my purchases. I am so annoyed as I couldn't find the other ring that is a replica of the YSL "Arty" ring in gold and coral (snagged for $5) for the photos, and of course when I packed away my camera and downloaded the pictures I found it. Oh woe is me.

Pictured: Mary Antoinette wall hanging, $10 | Bag of gold crosses, $5 | Ring, $15

I can't wait to use the crosses for a couple of DIY projects I must say! There was also a Charles and Diana commemorative wedding plate I came across and wanted as soon as I spotted it, but for $35 I decided against it... Kinda regretting it now. I am a sucker for the royals.