Monday, February 27, 2012


I am an avid online shopper. No point in trying to sugar coat it, it gets too hard trying to explain to my mother why there is another package for me waiting at the post office.
Anyway, I recently made a purchase through asos, the excuse being that I needed more clothes for uni, as well as a dress for my cousins wedding, and these items are what I ended up with, after much deliberating that is.

Yes I did purchase the claw ring in both silver AND gold. I thought it was such a beautiful specimen that I must have it in both.

I am going to do another one of these soon, but featuring items from my wish list, see key term; wishlist.

Tomorrow I am seeing Belvoir Street Theatre's production of "The Wild Duck" at Malthouse Theatre Company. I am beyond excited, It has two of my favorite actors in it, Ewen Leslie and Toby Schmitz, so you can understand my friends worry that I may have an aneurism from the excitement and amazingness that I am bound to experience, it is also meant to be phenomenal. Hazzah!

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