Sunday, February 5, 2012

Make a statement statement.

As I said in my past "standing room" post, recently I have gotten a knack for collecting bold statement neckwear. I find they are easy to throw on to glam up any outfit! So I decided to share my favorite ones with you in a quick post.

Top row from left to right: Sportgirl | Lovisa | Sports Girl | Lovisa
Middle row from left to right: Shop in europe | Sportsgirl | Shag Vintage | Lovisa
Bottom row from left to right: Topshop | Modcloth | Shop in Byron Bay | Lovisa

Quick useless story; the one that I have from Shag I actually wore to my valedictory ball late last year!
As you can see I have a quite a few necklaces from the shop Lovisa. I was recently introduced to Lovisa by my friends older sister when we were in sydney! I had never been to one before, as the stores in Melbourne are not in close distance to me, but I must say I loved the stock they had (as you can tell). I found that their pieces were more on trend than say other jewelry chain Diva, and better quality and defiantly not as tacky as we all know Diva can be, which is why I usually avoid it. It was also much cheaper!

Pictured: favorite necklaces.

In other news, I start at RMIT uni tomorrow! A little nervous, but I figure I should jump in head first!

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry at the moment?!

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