Friday, July 27, 2012

New York State Of Mind.

TOTALLY obsessed with the New York Skyeline Swimsuit by Black Milk for their line Nylon Wars Part 1.

You will be surprised to know I do not actually own any Black Milk as of yet, I think I was kind of turned off them for a bit with everyone jumping on the Black Milk bandwagon, and a galaxy patterned bandwagon at that.
 But with my love for photographic prints and New York being so strong... I may have to give in. 

I have had a busy week, but even then I have been I managed to squeeze in a few films. 

I recently watched Lords Of Dogtown, a movie about the revolution of skateboarding in the 70s, which was amazing. I have seen The Dark Knight Rises twice in one week as it is so awesome, watched two indie movies, Submarine and Restless, caught a screening of Magic Mike (Helllooooooo Alcide from True Blood), and had a go at one of my favorite genres, period romantic dramas, with the danish film A Royal Affair and Bright Star.

All the films were good but the ones I would highly recommend are Lords Of Dogtown, The Dark Knight Rises and A Royal Affair, heck, I will even throw in Magic Mike for the eye candy. 

Also how crazy is the Kstew and Robert Pattinson drama this week?! Unbelievable, I feel so bad for him that it's all happened so publicly.

On another note I keep hearing all these opening/closing ceremony rumours about the London Olympics. I must say, the idea of a giant Voldemort and a possible Beatles reunion excites me very much.

Go for gold,

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