Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Waggu for your Baggu.

So in class at the moment we have been looking at the new leather bags recently released in australia by New York brand, Baggu.
Thought I would share what my friend Joe and I wrote up on them with you all! 

"Baggu Leather Bags, the new must-have accessories for the fashion conscious. Handmade in New York, the Baggu brand offers the exclusivity and luxury of a one of a kind piece while still maintaining attractive prices, ranging from $39 to $69 for the leather pouches and from $199 to $269 for the leather bags. Originally offered in the staple colours of brown, black, white and platinum, Baggu has kept its brand initiative of being forward and on trend by releasing 4 new vibrant colours, Grapefruit, Apricot, Citron and Mint, all of which are available in sizes small and medium. Baggu has also continued their Citrus colour scheme throughout their leather pouch range, which are also available in two sizes, small and medium. The Baggu Leather Range, as well as its Canvas range, will be made available through Australian importer Vincent2 and can be found in stores or online at" 

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