Tuesday, March 13, 2012

White Suede @ L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

So last night I headed to runway five of L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival presented by Cosmopolitan. 
The show featured lines by Wayne Cooper, Joveeba, Rodeo Show, Shona Joy, Talulah, and White Suede.
The overall vibe of the show felt like a nostalgic road trip across mid-west america whilst tripping on acid, and I loved it.

All the lines were great, but the one line that really made my mouth drool was White Suede.
The moment those models started trotting down the runway in the photographed desert printed pieces, the pastel colour scheme with neon hints, the clean cut lines and touches of metallic accessories, had me wanting to run down there and hitch a ride to take part in the glamourous, yet rustic, road trip unfolding before me. 

My favorite piece of the line had to be the a-lined desert printed skater skirt with the gold band belt. Loooovvee it. 

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