Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Wardrobe Chronicles; introductory edition.

So I have decided to do something a little different here.
Well not really something different, that sounds like I am doing some massive re-brand, what I meant is really that I have decided to add an additional feature to this blog.
And that additional thing is called "The wardrobe chronicles".
And no, not of the Narnia variety (although I wouldn't mind that, I practically fell in love with Prince Caspian in the second movie and balled my eyes out over him).

In "The Wardrobe Chronicles", you will find me sharing specific pieces of my wardrobe with you, why they are significant to me, why I love them, and stories about when I wore them. I
t is a little more personal rather than the old "lol look at what I purchased" or "omgz look at my outfit braaahh", and it also gives me a chance to share particular items that I may not wear on a regular basis with you.

So with much ado, I bring you... The Introductory Edition!

As I am sure you are all aware by now, I love unique footwear, and originally I was going to call this the "shoe chronicles" rather than wardrobe, so I think it's only fitting to start with a pair of shoes.

These lovely specimens above are from the Betseyville by Betsey Johnson line, purchased in Macy's in San Francisco in 2008.
I had had pairs of heels before, but these were probably my first pair of shoes that really set of my lust for exotic footwear.
I remember when I first saw them and I instantly fell in love, it was our last day in the good old US of A, and we were getting ready to head back to our hotel, when I spotted them.
I can't really explain it, but I literally felt like I would be in pain if I didn't have them, especially because I was obsessed with Betsey Johnson.
I tried them on, my mother told me that people would be staring at my feet rather than my face when I wore them, my father was appalled by the price, although looking back they probably weren't that much, but for a 16 year old, maybe, and I was in bliss.
After much help from the sails assistant, and my pleading glances, my brother and sister came to my rescue, after only celebrating my birthday days before in Las Vegas, they offered to buy them for me for my birthday as a present, these and another pair of Betsey's (although these were the ones I fell madly in love with), which really meant my parents were getting them for me, as my brother and sister were 8 and 11 at the time. God bless them.

At the time I remember I thought they were SO tall, and was proud when people remarked how I could walk in them, although now looking at them they are probably one of my shorter pairs.
I wore them to Melbourne's Spring Racing carnival that same year and after spending ALL DAY walking around in them, I was in so. much. pain. I have a photo somewhere of my tortured face.

Couldn't find my tortured face, but here is a photo of my friends Steph, Kate and I heading out to the races that day in 2008, you can see me wearing my shoes! 
Anyway, I found after that excruciating day, I could last much longer in any other pair of heels! Hazzah!

Anyway, there do not get as much wear as they once did anymore, but I still love them for what they stood for at the time; my young adulthood.

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