Friday, March 16, 2012

"I'm a **********ing P.I.M.P" - 50 Cent.

So, last tuesday night, (as you probably know, as you read my blog religiously right? RIGHT????), I headed with some friends to runway 6 of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.
The show itself was great, as I already have said, and it was fun to head down and get a peak at what it's all about.
Anyway, I guess I have some sort of obligation to show you what I wore...

 Pictured: Hat: Rubi Shoes | Silver necklace cuff thingy: Sportsgirl | Spike necklace: Lovisa | Top: General Pants Co. | Skirt: Asos | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Coat: Asos

I defiantly feel the outfit is a bit 1970's pimp chic, argue all you want, I'm feeling it.

Funny anecdote about the hat; when I first purchased it and brought it home my little sister, who you will all come to know and love from me sharing her comments and opinions on my various outfits, being the 14 year old that she is immediately started telling me I wasted my money and that it was stupid and looked like a pimp hat.
I laughed them off as I usually do, with my dad telling me he liked the hat, always coming to my rescue from Louisa, as she then went on to turn on her favorite TV show of the moment, Kim & Kourtney Take New York, to an episode where Khloe is visiting them.
As the show progressed, Khloe finally arrived and what, may I ask is Khloe Kardashian wearing?? THE EXACT SAME HAT! Same colour, same style, same black band, same everyth-well I think thats all there really is to the hat, you get the point.
Louisa was speechless, I  was smug, I think it's fair to say who won here. (It was me if you didn't get that.)

Pictured: Selfies with my cat Latte.

ANYWAY! I made a story out of the left over pictures about Cinderella out of boredom to share with you. It picks up from the good part, the ball.

 So Cinderalla, let's call her Cindy, was at the ball and was enjoying a nice dance of the Macareena when suddenly IT HIT 12 O'CLOCK!

Realising her time was running out Cindy ran away from the party, leaving her prince behind...

As she was running away down the stairs her shoe fell off. (Photo pre shoe falling off.)

And really thats all the photo's I have to do the story as I don't have one of a princ- Oh wait.

Then Cindy's Prince, Latte Meowson, Seached the land for her and he returned her shoe and they lived happily ever after and Cindy's evil sister was left to live her life in a room full of pink "pimp" hats.


Okay, I am going to leave this here before I embarrass myself any further.

Oh wait, I lied, I can, here is a link to the video of my friend Jame's and I entering this competition thing after the fashion show.

We are cool. What of it.


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