Monday, May 28, 2012

Under The Sea.

Today my Topshop package finally arrived in the mail! Much excitement was had! 

I thought I would share with you my purchases!

Fish tank print by Tea & Cake.

I instantly fell in love with this top when I saw it. I am so into photographic prints at the moment and I loved the colours, so I had to have it.

Love heart crop tee.

I posted about this a few weeks back. After finding I was still lusting over it, into the cart it went.

Flamingo Collar.

It's big. It's gold. It's pink. And it features flamingos, enough said. 

Aqua envelope coin purse.

The holographic finish and aqua colour put together reminded me of the 90's. It is also a futuristic version of a 'turquoise envelope.' HA HA HEE HA. 

Gold glitter stick.

Look, again, 90's nostalgia was the victim for this.

All up it was a pretty successful order. In love with everything. One of those times when you get new clothing items and you love them so much that it feels as if the only things that exist in your wardrobe are those new items. 

Also, how adorable is the tag that came on the fish tank print by Tee & Cake?! It has a recipe for a butter cake on it! so cute! 

you guys purchased anything good lately??

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