Monday, June 4, 2012

MTV Moo-whovie Awards.

My friend last night asked me if I was going to do a post on the red carpet fashion of the MTV Movie Awards as I always surprise her and don't post about award show fashions when she thinks I will.

So here I am proving her wrong. 

I only caught a bit of the show as I was busy doing some work, but still have it recorded to watch later.

So here is a list of my best and worst dressed!

The Best

Julia Jones
Julia Jones, I do not know who you are or why you are at the awards, but my god I am glad you are as this outfit is fierce!
The neon yellow is so on trend and I looooove the laser cut detail. I love how she kept it simple in the accessories front. 
I actually came across this image on Perez Hilton's "worst dressed", which I think is ridiculous as it was the standout outfit for me. I am sure other bloggers will agree, as lets face it, with some of the people he put in his "best dressed" I think he is going delusional.

Emma Stone.
I love Emma Stone. She is just flawless. A very classic look, yet still unique and fashion forward with the folds and such.

Elizabeth Banks.

When I first saw a picture of her outfit I was all "Hm, a jumpsuit. interesting." HOWEVER, once watching a bit of the show and seeing her get her award I thought she looked fierce. 
One of those pieces that photographs alright, but looks amazing in motion. 
Her body looked rockin' in it!

Nikki Reed.

How very Gatsby of her! I like this look. She looks great. I love a bit of gold. Would love to see this dress in real life! 

Ezra Miller

The "We Need To Talk About Kevin" and "The Perks of Being A Wall Flower" star stayed true to his folky and unique style at the awards.
Apart from carrying around what looked like a giant, floating Pok√© Ball and those shoes, I dug the look.
I like the patterned scarf and the prayer beads. Just a bit different from the usual suit and tie, y'know?
Oh who am I kidding? Maybe one of the main reasons he's here is because he's Ezra Miller. 


Looking at most of these outfits just makes me angry...

Brooke Hogan.

Why is she even at the awards? I didn't even know she was relevant anymore. Maybe it was in her contract from when she had her reality show that she would be invited to these things so many years later.
But seriously, If you get a chance to come out of hiding to make an appearance - at least make it a good one!  This just looks trashy. 
I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

Crystal Reed.

GURL, what have you got on your feet?! Take them off NOW. 
I get you are trying to be all "edgy", but with this look? No. Just no. 
A pair of nude pumps would have suited this look well. These ankle boots just make her legs look stumpy.

Leighton Meester.

I so often find myself confused by what Miss Meester often wears. 
I mean, YOU PLAY BLAIR ON ON GOSSIP GIRL, you would think you would pick up a few fashion pointers from it over the years.
There is just something not legit about this look, like - you are trying way too hard.
This is just too casual, you look like you are going to the beach.

Mila Kunis.

I don't know what it is that I don't like about this look - I just know I hate it. 
Is she pregnant? Not that she looks pregnant, her bod is amazing, just something about the pattern makes it look so. 

Victoria Justice.

I know girls in year 8 who dress better than this. Enough said.
But seriously - I am so confused as to why she has made some of the best dressed lists - it is just so safe and boring. It looks like something girls I know would have worn in 2007 when we had parties with boys for the first time. 
This was on Perez Hiltons "best dressed",  just, ugh. No Perez, No.

Woah, I feel really angry after looking at those worst dressed outfits. 

Here's a picture of Diego Boneta who is starring in the upcoming Rock of Ages film.
Now, breathe in.... and out... okay all better now. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to some feedback from you.

Who were your best and worst dressed? 

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  1. i am always your mysterious unnamed friend in these posts. "my friend." jeez, thanks. it's not like we've been friends for fourteen years or anything.

    i'm surprised that twilight slut and her incessant need to wear converse didn't get a mention. like, she's short at the best of times, and then she thinks she can wear converse shoes with a cocktail dress? it looked stupid.