Thursday, June 14, 2012

Change is in the hair.

So guys, I did something a little drastic, well drastic for me....

I cut and coloured my hair!

This is a big thing for me as I have pretty much never done anything to my hair after a couple of bad haircuts, and I am too impatient to have to wait and fix my hair/grow it out if anything goes wrong.

I originally was going to dye the whole thing lilac. I was so set on it, I even photoshopped images of my face with purple hair and went and tried on a lilac wig at a costume shop. I know, I am a loser and pedantic. 
But after much anxiety over it the night before, I got to the salon and they did not have the dye. So I settled for the "ombre" style in stead. I know, jumping on the bandwagon much? Kinda disappointed in myself, but I have wanted to do it for ages and I am planning on dying it many different colours. 

Mum has always wanted me to get a fringe, and after much resistance, I gave in. I actually kinda like it, it's just that it is going to be a bitch to maintain.

Hope your week has been grand! Also, excuse my Pj's in the second photo. 

Peace and pout out readers! 

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