Monday, August 20, 2012

My Life In Instagram; August Edition.

1. Store layout of Somewhere. | 2. Cute street art. | 3. Pineapple necklace. | 4. Decorative umbrellas at Australia on Collins. | 5. Bag embroidery detail. | 6. Rainy Melbourne day. | 7. Conscious Chocolate - best chocolate ever. | 8. Dame Edna Everage program. | 9. Visiting school on Crepe Day. | 10. Chains and Mountains. | 11. New Sass & Bide jacket. | 12. Evil Eye necklace. | 13. Neon embroidered Asos skirt. | 14. Melbourne Central's Little Library. 

I apologise for my absence the last week. One of my best friends left to go to college in America, so I was trying to spend all my spare time with her! Sad to see her off, but she is going to do great things!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the last month or so that you may have spotted on my intsagram feed! None of them have much relevance to be honest, mostly just new purchases.
I did go catch "Eat, Pray, Laugh!" with Barry Humphries and his abundance of characters at Her Majesty's Theatre (I think that was the theatre). Dame Edna to me is flawless and a role model, so I loved her! 

Another thing that may be of interest would be the very last photo. I shot it at Melbourne Central the other day, it is a little pop up library, and when I say "little" I mean little! The unique thing about it is that the whole thing works on an honesty system! You can simply take whichever book you please - as long as you return it! Can you say awesome?!

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