Wednesday, April 11, 2012

X marks the spot.

I know I know, I have been rather absent the last week, shame on me. But to be fair I have been away and its my mid term uni break, so rest was needed!

Anyway, recently I have been hitting up the local op shops in search of a style of black pant, no luck on the pant front, but I did manage to still walk away with some other goodies!

Navy gold buttoned coat.

Apricot and lace dress.

Cream with gold detail buttoned jacket.

Lace nighty.

White leather purse.

Whilst walking around the salvos I spotted the apricot and lace dress and it instantly reminded me of the beautiful lace dresses Lover do, so of course I couldn't let it pass me by, even if it doesn't fit me. Oh well, I have a friend that will adore it. 
The lacy nighty on the other hand reminded me of Courtney Love and the handbag seemed to be something that Janet from The Rocky Horror Show would own. This is how I base my impulse purchasing choices.
 I can't decide if I want to keep the bag white or paint it black and add some studs, its times like this I wish I wasn't as indecisive. 
The cream and gold jacket caught my eye whilst shimmering on a clothing rack and the gold buttons got me on the navy coat. Apparently I am a magpie.

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