Friday, April 20, 2012

Stars Florals & Stripes.

 "Quick, act natural."
 "I am an airplane."
"pucker up fishes."

I am wearing... 
Camisole: Glassons | Skirt: Cotton On | Mesh neon T: Asos | Tights: Target | Shoes (although you can't really see them): Rubi | Blazer: Asos | Necklace: Lovisa

I have probably stated this once, and look I probably will state it many many more times, I love black. 
And no, it is not just because I am from Melbourne. It is, in fact, something my ever so glamourous Grandma Shirl has taught and told me through the years, "Black is a girls best friend, it's classic, versatile, and above all, flattering."
As of recent times (mainly the last 3 or 4 years) not wanting to have a repeat of, er, my "emo" year 8 stage, I have found myself wearing black, but adding bright bursts of colour to the ensemble.

In this case it is by this neon yellow mesh T I have layered over my camisole, and this floral blazer. Print look familiar? It's because I own the matching pants, which I have posted about before.

I really liked this outfit today, I like having fun with how I dress, I don't understand people who just play it safe, so mixing the colours and patterns was very enjoyable! I felt very appropriately dressed for when I went into Sass & Bide to purchase a birthday gift for a friend.

Also, sorry for the crappy images. I had to use photobooth as Padre was not around to lend a hand with the photo taking. 

In other news, here is a picture of my face looking very confused as I was exiting photobooth, the screen froze. I find it hilarious. Too good not to share...

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